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Located in southern Summit County, Ohio, Coventry Township is a community surrounded by the lakes making up Portage Lakes
State Park. With a population of 10,900 residents and governed by a three member board of trustees as well as an elected fiscal officer to oversee their operation, it's easy to see why this small town could be your next home! The police protection has been provided since 1876 when law enforcement was first established with help from local sheriffs until 40 years ago when they formed their own force now known officially through county lines but still mostly locally called "The Police".

The Coventry Clock Tower is a historic landmark in the heart of Portage Lakes. It was dedicated on July 4, 1999 and serves as an important reminder for residents to remain aware at all times that we are our own guardians against disaster because there's no one else but ourselves who can save us from danger when precautions aren’t taken!

This message came directly out of Summit County Sheriff Pat Anderson mentioning safety tips related to safety: "The best way you could protect yourself would just be awareness," he said during his speech at The CCTT before 300+ people.

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